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Regular Programs: Science On Show!

Come and join us each weekend in the Experimentations Theatrette for some spectacular science show fun. Harness the power of steam, watch things glow, explore the impacts of extreme cold with liquid nitrogen or make your hair stand on end.

The Super Silly Slime Show
One-eyed Jack used to be a famous pirate but now he is lonely skull sitting on a desk in desperate need for a make-over. How do you make a pirate skull look pretty? With Slime of course! In this fun-filled interactive show full of slime, fizz and more slime help give One-eyed Jack the make-over look that only kids could love!

The Triton Adventure Show
In the near distant future the inhabitants on Earth are desperate for a new home. Join the space-colonisation scientists on the S.S. Powerhouse for an adventure to Neptune’s largest Moon, Triton. Can we set up a space colony on this super cold world or should we continue on to Pluto? Plus… what happened to robot PHM9 when he beamed back from the surface of Triton? Help solve this mystery with super cold liquid nitrogen!

The Glow Show
Step into the darkness and be amazed by the science behind what makes things glow! Join us as we explore the colourful explosions in fireworks, the chemical reactions in glow sticks and the wonder of ultraviolet light.

Cogs Steam Show!
Help Cogs as he tries to put together a human-sized steam engine. Through sound and movement find out how all of the different parts of the engine fit together to power a machine – just don’t let the engine go too fast or Cogs might power down! to be amazed at the incredible power of steam!

Spark your curiosity with an interactive exploration into electricity – both static and current – and how it is made. Witness some home-made lightning and watch as we make hair stand on end using the Van de Graff electrostatic generator. Will you volunteer to demonstrate conductors and insulators by holding onto the strange looking Wimshurst machine? Watch as we replicate Farraday’s experiment of creating current electricity using nothing more than a magnet and a coil of wire. Prepare to be shocked and amazed at the illuminating power of electricity!

Full Steam Ahead!
Prepare to be amazed at the incredible power of steam! Explore the science of steam through exciting and interactive demonstrations — witness steam inflate, spin and push things, meet super-sized dancing molecules and be shocked at its illuminating power as you find out how steam can light up a light bulb.



Super Slime

Slippery slimey goo for you to make at home.

Solid Liquid

Is it a solid or a liquid?

Explore the amazing properties of corn flour by simply adding water and make your own corn flour slime!

Explosive Fun

Explosive fun!

Create some explosive fun with baking soda and vinegar!

Glowing Jelly cups

Glowing jelly cups

Discover the science behind the special glowing properties of tonic water.

Creating white light

Creating white light

Mix primary coloured lights to create white light. Explore the differences between mixing light and pigments.