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King’s crown

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Kings and queens through history…
What sort of ruler would you be?
Harsh and cruel, saying: “Off with their heads!”
Or kind and caring, and well-loved instead?

You’d live in a fortified royal palace
And sip your drink from a silver chalice
Your golden crown upon your head
With emeralds green and rubies red.

No cleaning, tidying or mending to do -
Staff would do these chores for you.
You’d have drivers, cleaners, assistants and cooks
And clever accountants to do your books.

That’s what you’d gain – but what would you lose?
A lot of your freedom; freedom to choose
To follow your interests, whatever they are -
To just go to the movies, or drive your own car

To dawdle along, as slow as you please
Not rushing to schedule – no time to sneeze.
Forever having to shake hands and smile
When you’d much rather run a mile

There’s good and bad about everything
Even about being a king
I guess I’ll say what I think at the end –
The best sort of king to be is: pretend.

From the Powerhouse Museum’s collection:

Coin, crown, 1937

Coin, crown, 1937

This coin is called a ‘crown’! It is an Australian coin dating from 1937, and the crown featured on the coin represents King George VI. Take a closer look.

Coin, Crown, 1513-42

Coin, Crown, 1513-42

This coin is another ‘crown’ – this one made from gold. It is from the reign of King James V of Scotland and features not only a crown, but the shield of the royal coat of arms of Scotland. Take a closer look.